We BoxOffice.lk a well known reputed company in the event management industry. Since 2017 we have been organising events which have given the music lovers and our BoxOffice customers a great experience which fullfilled their happiness with music. And we have been organising the most unique concepts in the event management industry DOCTOR AND DADDY live in concert. BoxOffice.lk is the first company which came up with a thrilling concert series which gathered the DOCTOR AND DADDY bands lovers in one place by giving them the best. Our BoxOffice.lk company consists of a high skilled team which has the skills to organize and promote any type of event in the industry with a successful ending. With the team spirit within the company we have made many successful decisions and came up with many unique ideas to fullfill the needs of our customers and satisfy with the best. We are professional production house mainly focused in musical events and ect. We develop creative, out of the experience that effectively reaches the target audience. We want to bring the international experience to the local music lovers.


We BoxOffice.lk a well known reputed company in the event management industry. We are organising the most famous and thrilling events with the best artists in Sri Lanka to give people exciting experiences. We mainly organise musical concerts which will fulfil the hearts and minds of the music lovers in Sri Lanka with all kinds of musicians around our mother land. And we do promotional activities to the events done by our clients and make their events more successful with our experience and our well known and skillful crew. We do promotions through socail media platforms as well to drive your path of the event to a very successful way. Through our BoxOffice.lk website we have arranged the most easiest way to approach and buy the tickets of the concerts and events to the music lovers and the customers of BoxOffice.lk and we have arrange the way to sell your concerts and all types of events tickets through our website with a easy way and highly secured transaction methods.


BoxOffice.lk is trying its best to become the Sri Lanka’s leading ticket selling platform among the ticket sellers in the industry. If you are looking for tickets for upcoming events BoxOffice.lk is the place to collect their tickets by giving our customers the maximum service with a new experience in online tickets purchasing. And we have planned to come up with new ideas like selling, Movie tickets Ticket deals and offers , Hotel offers and many more to come in near future.

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